Friday, 9 September 2011

Most important stuff

Most important point which I missed in my initial post - I was assigned to crew for Lisa Tamati ( for La Ultra.

Lisa is a very very accomplished ultra runner, putting it very very midly :-). Some of her achievements - 

  • A multiple time Badwater finisher.
  • Completed many 250 kms desert races including Marathon Des Sables, Gobi and Sahara races (part of the 4 desert races). 
  • Ran Trans 333 through the Niger desert - a distance of 333 kms.
  • Ran the length of New Zealand from Bluff to Cape Reinga covering approx 2,200km in 43 days.
  • Voted the New Zealand Maori sportswoman of the year 2008.

    Some stuff which we'll never even think of doing in a lifetime!
After being assigned as her crew, I did have interactions with her over email and she was coming down to India with Chris Ord, an adventure journalist, Darryl, the cameraman who will be shooting the doco and Sunny Grewal, one of her sponsors.

But the interactions did peter out and hadn't had much communication with her for a month before the race, so as I was travelling to Leh, was hoping that I'm a part of her crew.

To an outside looking at the races Lisa has completed, distances covered in extreme climates, La Ultra looks achievable but by no means easy.

But I was naive, so naive... 

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